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We are Cognism

We’re providing the intelligence your revenue teams need!

Our data is used all around the world, helping sales and marketing teams drive predictable pipeline.

People think we’re pretty great, and we’re always working to be even better! 

Who we are

We're in this together

Our team places great value on our working relationships.

Yes, we live and breathe tech, however, we will never overlook the people behind it. We strive to create a space where our teams genuinely want to be, every day. Our people are inclusive, showing respect to one another when going about their work and play.

As they say, teamwork makes the dream work!

For every problem, we’ve got a solution

Our passion-filled team works together with professionalism and ambition - taking ownership of our work to deliver the best possible results for you.

It’s through our hiring, investing in, and empowerment of phenomenal talent that we’re able to propose the best solutions your company needs.

We deeply understand our customer

As your go-to-market partner, supplying the best sales intelligence solutions, we grow as you grow.

Our team will go above and beyond to support you by communicating clearly with you and your business, and setting clear expectations along the way - all while being incredibly dedicated to seeing you succeed.

We’re here to learn, and to navigate the way forward, together.


We celebrate individual contributors

A strong belief of ours is that management is not the only route for progression.

We admire all of our top performers and view all of their progress as an incredible achievement. Supporting our individuals is supporting our teams, and that’s why we provide a space for all of our star performers’ voices to be heard.

Big or small, we’re proud of their wins!

Cognism at a glance

happy customers
happy customers

Our Story

We’re an international team who are passionate about data and the role it can play in prospecting.

We are working to provide transformative solutions to help revenue teams drive predictable lead generation and improve conversions across all your sales engagements.

Cognism is on a mission to drive the next evolution
of sales and marketing technology. We believe there is a better way for revenue teams to approach prospecting which will drive predictable outcomes. We are taking prospecting from an art to a science.

2015 - Cognism is born
James Isilay and Stjepan Buljat cofound Cognism
2016 - First steps
Opened our first Macedonian office (Skopje)
2017 - First international flight
Raised a seed round
Opened our first London office (Bermondsey)
2018 - The tooth fairy left a note
Cognism granted Revenue AI patent
Raised Seed-2 and Series A
2019 - Toddler on the move
Raised Series B
Opened our first Croatian office (Zadar)
Opened our first US office (New York)
Secured ISO 27001
Listed as a LinkedIn top UK startup
65 employees
2020 - The family got bigger
Cognism acquired Mailtastic and gained their office in Mainz
Established a presence in South Africa
Listed as a LinkedIn Top Startup 2020
130 employees
2021 - Another growth spurt
Brought Bombora’s intent data into our platform
Launched our exclusive Diamond Data® asset
Opened an office in Boston, US
Joined the Future Fifty 100 Programme
Listed as LinkedIn Top Startup (for the 3rd time!)
275 employees
Solidified our position as a premium sales intelligence leader through Series C Funding
There's 410 of us now

Meet the team creating a better future for sales

Our management team are at the forefront of our business growth, driving our client success, and constantly innovating with our data-led solutions. They are instrumental in driving revenue and enabling our accelerated growth, while ensuring operations run smoothly and that we deliver amazing value to our clients.

Chief Executive Officer
James Isilay

James approaches work with unrivalled technical and organisational skills, perseverance, precision and total dedication. He is an expert in lead generation, sales management, and alpha discovery using algorithmic technologies, natural language processing, and machine learning.

Chief Technology Officer
Stjepan Buljat

Stjepan is an experienced technology leader, specialising in building technology functions in SaaS start-ups and scale-ups. Stjepan has excellent organisational skills and uses agile methodologies, with deep technical knowledge of scalable and resilient micro-services, data engineering, and machine learning.

Chief Financial Officer
Javier Brage

Javier is a strategic CFO/COO with over 20 years’ expertise in high growth and dynamic companies, with considerable experience in taking start-ups from seed investment through to acquisition. He served as a NED advisor to Cognism since 2019, prior to joining as Group CFO in 2021.

Chief Marketing Officer
Alice de Courcy

Alice is an experienced B2B SaaS marketing leader, specialising in enabling SaaS companies and start-ups to accelerate their growth. A data-driven marketer, with strong technical knowledge, Alice has built and executed predictable marketing growth strategies as both the first commercial hire and when joining at scale-up phase.

Chief Product Officer
Michelle Bradbury

Michelle is a product and technology leader that has as much comfort in the technical arena as dealing with team dynamics. She has extensive experience with bringing products to market and organisational alignment and delivery, as well as years of technical architecture and development.

Chief Operating Officer
Kristapor Giragosian

Kristapor is a data-driven, operational leader with a proven skill set in building scalable systems, processes, and world-class teams. Having joined the founding team of Cognism, he executed key responsibilities such as: execution of Cognism's first Customer Success function, US expansion with Cognism's first US office, and creation of world-class RevOps function facilitating 100% + YoY ARR growth.

VP of Global Sales
Mark Bedard

Mark has extensive and unrivalled experience building revenue teams and driving cross-functional go-to-market within the data space. He is an incredibly enthusiastic leader who brings a wealth of knowledge, centred around US data intelligence to our team.

Head of Customer Success
Megan Brickley

Megan is an experienced leader in Customer Success, with overall responsibility for onboarding, training and the ongoing success of Cognism’s global customer base. As a highly-motivated strategic thinker, Megan is always seeking to optimise the customer experience. Her work in the customer success department has markedly increased customer satisfaction, product adoption, and customer retention.

Head of Legal
Aksa Kalam

Aksa is an adaptive, pragmatic, and passionate Head of Legal, specialising in compliance-driven solutions in data-focused organisations. Aksa balances mitigation and commerciality in her legal approach, which has resulted in our exceptional growth.

Director, Board of Directors
Pete Daffern
Director, Board of Directors
Rami Rahal

James Islay loves working with people, loves solving problems, and is obsessed with user experience. He's built multiple Marketing agencies, scaled google Ads brands, and is actively doing both of those things at Cognism.

Director, Board of Directors
Tatana Zabasu Mikuz

James Islay loves working with people, loves solving problems, and is obsessed with user experience. He's built multiple Marketing agencies, scaled google Ads brands, and is actively doing both of those things at Cognism.

Just some of the great customers we work with

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