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Explore Cognism's calculators, quizzes, and workflows.

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Tried and tested workflows to help your revenue team

Find out the solutions to common sales and marketing scenarios and get the workflows to help your revenue teams exceed targets with Cognism.

ROI calculator

Calculate your ROI with Cognism’s Diamond Data®

Use our Diamond Data® ROI calculator to find out how much additional revenue you could make, and see what opportunities you're missing.


SDR Personalities Quiz

What type of SDR are you?

Take our interactive SDR personality quiz and get insights into how you work, learn, perform and like to be managed.

You'll get resources tailored to your SDR type that will help you become the team's top booker!

TAM calculator

Calculate your TAM size (Total Addressable Market)

Understand who is buying from you so you can sell more and calculate the total addressable market for your product or service.
TAM Calculator

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Handy sales and marketing info, easy-to-use guides, helpful tips, and practical resources.

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