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Let's talk pricing

We know you came here to get a clear pricing breakdown...

... and we know pricing is a key factor in your evaluation process.

Full transparency: on this page you won't find a simple pricing table, because we customise our packages based on your desired workflow.

Our team is there to understand what you're hoping to achieve and draw up a proposal that you'll be comfortable with. 

But we also understand that you might need more information before you submit your pricing request. Is Cognism the right solution for you?

Scroll down to learn more about how our pricing works and who we serve.

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Unrestricted access
Flexible workflows

We have a few data license types that are priced per user.

There's also a flat platform fee that gives you access to both our Web App and Chrome Extension, as well as our integrations to the most popular CRMs and Sales Engagement Tools.

Individual contributors shouldn't worry about having enough credits to make the needed connections.

With Cognism, all users get unrestricted access to the data included in their package. That means you can view the data, as well as export records on individual and page-level without any restrictions.

Teams use Cognism to both power up their prospecting, as well as to build more qualified audiences faster or enrich existing data.

Depending on the type of data you need and required platform capabilities, we can suggest a few options that will ensure you get the most out of your Cognism subscription.

Are we the right vendor for your needs?

We wouldn't want to waste your time. Cognism is not for you if:

You’re a B2C business or a sole trader

We provide B2B sales intelligence for sales, marketing and RevOps teams in EMEA, US and APAC regions.

You’re looking for freelancers

Cognism is focused on helping businesses make meaningful connections with other businesses.

You’re looking for an all-in-one platform
We focus on quality B2B data. For everything else we form best-in-class partnerships so you always get the best the market can offer.

We'll help you achieve the results you want to see

Connect faster & with more confidence

Make it easy for your sales and marketing teams to exceed 2022 targets with the right blend of compliant sales intelligence & intuitive technology.