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Find audiences that match your ideal customer profile - in seconds

Identifying accounts and contacts that match your criteria shouldn’t take hours.

Cognism Prospector lets you build ideal-fit account and lead lists enriched with premium contextual and contact data, including the most accurate phone-verified mobile numbers on the market.

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Advanced sales intelligence, ‘cause just “location”, “size”, and “industry” don’t cut it anymore

Modern buyers filter out all but the most relevant message.

Use Prospector to find out WHEN great-fit accounts are in-market, WHO the right person to contact is, and WHAT to say.

Combine firmographics, technographics, and buyer intent signals to truly understand your buyer and take your message relevance to the next level.

Easily find multiple entries in your accounts of choice and operationalise the intelligence you’ve collected with premium contact data & integrations directly into your favourite tools.

Connect & close faster with phone-verified contacts at scale

The typical businessperson receives 100+ emails every day. Make yourself harder to ignore and create more personal connections using the salesperson’s most powerful tool - the phone.

Cut the number of dials and successfully connect with decision-makers on mobile, using compliant mobile data, cleaned against global do-not-call lists.

We offer multiple filters to unearth high-quality & phone-verified mobile data, ensuring you prioritise those high-value prospects that are the easiest to reach.

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Build highly targeted audiences for your marketing campaigns

Build personas and generate qualified audiences in seconds. Use verified emails to get more webinar signups and create custom audience segments across digital advertising channels with 90%+ match rates.

Then serve your ads to people who are most likely to respond to your campaigns and solidify your seat at the revenue table by increasing marketing contribution to pipeline.

See why revenue superstars choose Cognism

Cognism works where you do

Spend less time on manual research & data entry, and more time engaging and building relationships with senior teams with decision-making power. With Cognism it takes just two clicks to push account and contact details to your CRM or sales engagement software.

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See how Cognism can help you meet & beat your revenue targets.